Are Infrared Saunas the Best Way to Detox?

Are Infrared Saunas the Best Way to Detox?

Infrared saunas are the latest detox craze. 


Infrared saunas promise a fast and easy way to detox your body. There are standalone saunas you can purchase for the home, or you can go to one at a spa. Are they safe and worth trying?


Consider these questions:


  1. What are infrared saunas? Infrared saunas rely on light to make heat. They’re also known as far-infrared saunas. 


    • Infrared saunas make people sweat and increase their heart rates. Many believe that this can detox the body. 


    • They’re usually not as hot as regular saunas or steam rooms. However, infrared saunas can still reach 100 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Regular saunas can reach 200 degrees.  


    • These saunas appeal to those who want a way to detox without doing a liquid diet or fasting. 


    • The process of using infrared saunas is simple. After drinking water and changing into a towel, you’re usually ushered into a small room or box that is the sauna. You spend 30 to 45 minutes in the sauna sweating. 


  1. Are there negative side effects? Research hasn’t shown any clear negative side effects from using infrared saunas. However, you have to proceed with caution before stepping into one. 


    • You shouldn’t use infrared saunas if you’re pregnant, sick, or dealing with an injury. 


    • They’re also not recommended for those who have certain medical conditions such as heart disease, strokes or heart attacks. You want to avoid saunas if you have lupus or take steroids.


    • Talk to your doctor before trying an infrared sauna. Ensure you understand the risk factors for your health condition. Also, remember to mention your medications and supplements.  


  1. What are the detox claims? There are many health and detox claims about infrared saunas. The most common claims are that they can help remove harmful toxins from the body by sweating.


    • Some people believe that sweating can restore the immune system. They also think that it can help chronic health issues. From fibromyalgia to colitis, you can find claims about multiple medical conditions that are allegedly helped by infrared saunas. 


    • Several research studies have not shown a direct benefit from using infrared saunas. They have not revealed a cure for any disease. However, the possibility remains that some people feel better after using saunas.The high heat may help them feel more relaxed and calm.  


    • Health experts also point out that the long-term impact of using infrared saunas has not been studied. 


  1. Are they worth trying? Decide with your doctor if infrared saunas might be beneficial to you. There are many spas and fitness centers that offer this type of sauna. Ensure you’re aware of the price and treatment length before signing up for a session. 


    • Don’t expect an infrared sauna to be a magical cure for any condition! 


  1. What safety precautions should I take? If you plan to go to an infrared sauna, it’s important to stay hydrated. All saunas make people sweat, and the water has to be replaced. 


    • Experts recommend hydrating before, during, and after a session. Drinking water is an essential part of the process.


    • It’s also important to make the sessions short in the beginning. Your body may not be able to tolerate the high heat for long. Avoid trying an hour-long session at first. Gradually build up the time and stay hydrated. 


Infrared saunas are a hot detox trend. Before you try it, talk to a doctor to ensure it’s safe for your situation.

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