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SerenitySeat Meditation Cushion Set

SerenitySeat Meditation Cushion Set

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The SerenitySeat Meditation Cushion Set offers unparalleled comfort and support for your meditation and yoga practice. With a round Zafu cushion providing perfect alignment for your spine and a soft Zabuton cushion relieving pressure on your knees and ankles, this set ensures a serene and blissful meditation experience. Embrace the tranquility of Zen with the SerenitySeat Meditation Cushion Set.
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Natural as Your Practice

free from animal products (like feathers, wool, and down) or byproducts that have been tested on animals. Although we do manufacture some items that use natural animal products like wool, we have stringent requirements in place for cleaning the machines in-between use, so cross-contamination will not occur. If you practice a vegan lifestyle, you can rest assured that your Crystal Cove products are aligned with your values.


Comfort for Perfect Meditation!

The meditation cushion has a height of 6 inches, but the organic spelled husk filling can be easily adjusted as needed, allowing each individual to find their ideal seat height.


Well combinable

Pair the Round Lotus Cushion with Lotuscrafts Zabuton Mat for Ultimate Support and Comfort.



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The meditation cushion bestseller in Lotuscraft's-quality. Practical and versatile round cushion, with separately removable cover, made from robust organic fabric.

The simple, inexpensive universal meditation pillow
With a diameter of 12.2 inches and a standard seat height of approx. 6 inches, the pillow can be used for many purposes. The removable cover allows the filling to be individually adjusted.

Classic design, ecological materials and workmanship
Made of robust organic fabric in classic design with sewn-in lotus embroidery. Available in many inspiring colours. Manufactured according to high social and ecological standards (GOTS certified). Especially heat-treated and particularly light organic spelt husks (organic/certified) from Germany adapt ideally to any sitting position and support a stable and comfortable posture.


Shape: Round cushion
Seat: Standard (H: 6 inches)
Filling: Spelt husks (organic)
Eco-standard: GOTS certified (BCS 21988)
Opening: Cover: drawstring; Inner cushion: zipper
Care: Cover washable at 86°F
Dimensions: 0.12 inches x 6 inches Height
Weight: 3.31 lbs
Material external cover: 100% organic cotton
Material inner cushion: 100% organic cotton

Care instructions

  • Cover washable at 86°F
  • Not suitable for the dryer


Plastic-free packaging
This product dispenses with packaging made from PVC and petroleum-based plastics

High proportion of added value in the EU
This product is manufactured in the EU or a large part of the value creation takes place in the EU.

GOTS organic certified

The "Global Organic Textile Standard" guarantees fair and ecological production throughout the production chain. (Organic/ BCS 21988)

CO² compensated product
In cooperation with Climate Partner we calculate and offset the CO² emissions for the production of this product.

Got Questions? We've Got You Covered

What is included in the Round Lotus Cushion set?

The Round Lotus Cushion set typically includes the round meditation cushion.

Is the Round Lotus Cushion suitable for all body types?

Yes, the Round Lotus Cushion is designed to provide comfort and support for practitioners of various body types and sizes.

What is the cushion's filling material?

The filling material of the Round Lotus Cushion is typically organic spelled husk, which offers a firm yet comfortable support.

How can I adjust the seat height of the cushion?

The seat height of the Round Lotus Cushion can be adjusted by adding or removing some of the spelled husk filling as needed.

Is the cushion cover removable and washable?

Yes, the cushion cover is usually removable and machine-washable, making it easy to keep the cushion clean.

Can I use the Round Lotus Cushion for yoga practice as well?

Yes, the cushion can be used for yoga practice, providing support during seated poses and meditation.

Does the cushion come in different colors or designs?

The Round Lotus Cushion may come in various colors and designs, allowing you to choose one that suits your preference.

Is the Round Lotus Cushion eco-friendly?

Yes, the cushion is often made from eco-friendly materials and follows sustainable manufacturing practices.

Can the Round Lotus Cushion be used outdoors?

While it is possible to use the cushion outdoors, it is recommended to protect it from extreme weather conditions to maintain its longevity.

Customer Reviews

Based on 81 reviews
Sophia Wilson
Quality Investment

This cushion is a worthwhile investment for anyone serious about meditation. The comfort and support it offers have made a noticeable difference in my practice.

Jessica Perez
Exceptional Comfort

I'm amazed by how comfortable this cushion is. It's like sitting on a cloud, and it's made a noticeable difference in my ability to stay focused during meditation.

Daniel Thompson
Enhanced Focus

Since using this cushion, I've experienced an enhanced sense of focus during meditation. It's comfortable and supportive, allowing me to fully engage in my practice.

Alexander Martinez
Amazing Cushion

I can't speak highly enough about this cushion. It's comfortable, supportive, and has truly elevated my meditation sessions.

Matthew Davis
Perfect Balance of Support and Comfort

This cushion strikes the perfect balance between support and comfort. It's firm enough to keep me in the right posture but also soft enough to sit on for extended periods. An excellent investment.